Director Allison Beda has a penchant for delightfully, deliriously, awesomely messed-up and characters, and is particularly fond of telling stories about intelligent women, making inspired, though sometimes foolish choices.  Her artistic practice delves into the "personal" passions, obsessions,  and often poetically explores the intersection of cinema, dance and "narrative" (which is sometimes documentary) - It doesn't fit into a neat category, or any category at all, resulting in bold and unique films.

Ms Beda turned her first career as an international fashion model into the feature documentary How To Be A Model (which critics deemed “an intriguing insider look filled with shattered stereotypes”).  Her very first short film  Know Your Alphabet  toured the world with the likes of Stan Brakhageand is still being invited to screen internationally.  Allison Beda’s short film Just A Minute  (made withe the 360 Collective) played as part of the 2010 Winter Olympics, she received a Legacy Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Film” for her short 9-1-Mum, and her BravoTV commission film 30-LOVE, has done two world tours.   She also recently directed the series pilot for Sleeping With The Dead which won "Best Spoof" at Action On Film Festival, and her first fiction screenplay Unpredictable (written with novelist Eileen Cook) won "Best Feature Screenplay" at the 2018 Boomtown Film & Music Festival, "Best Ensemble Screenplay" at the 2017 Broad Humor Film Festival and is a Screencraft screenplay award comedy semi-finalist.  Allison is a member of the 360 Collective (with composer James Maxwell and choreographer Claire French) and is a contributor to the cultural magazine IMAGISTA.  She has a BA in film from Simon Fraser University, and an MFA from University of British Columbia.  Her work as a IATSE camera operator on various network features and television series helped her hone her strong visual style and her work as an Associate Producer on shows like the SYFY/NBC series 12 Monkeys taught her exactly what and when you can (and cannot) "fix it in post".

Allison Beda’s production company A Muse Productions loves making films about women who make trouble and film art that defies categorization.

Photo courtesy of David Hauka.




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