A Muse Productions Inc. is an independent film production company formed in 1996 by former international fashion model turned Director/Writer/Producer Allison Beda, who decided to get on the other side of the camera to make the kind of films she thought she would LOVE to see, but which were simply not available in the marketplace.  A Muse Productions adores, (and takes as their muse) women who like to shake things up a little! We aim to surprise, intrigue, entertain….and hopefully sometimes inspire.

A Muse Productions has a mandate to produce interesting and innovative work with a specific focus on comedy and women, and aims to share with audiences fresh, thought provoking stories. The company has produced films featuring an anorexic princess, (You Are Not The Boss…) ladies who "get caustic over cookies" (Tea Party) and fashion models talking back (How To Be A Model (a 12 step plan)).  

A Muse Productions films have aired on CBC, The Documentary Channel. BravoTV, WTN, been recognized by film festivals in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia and been invited on multiple world tours.  The work has screened internationally in museums and art galleries,  on billboards, in the metro, and at the Olympic games. The company also produces artist profiles, video portraits and music videos that are themselves works of art, and continues to collaborate with choreographers, composers, dancers, singers and other artists on projects exploring the intersection of film, music and dance.